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A Record Breaker

This past Monday, we had our regular Sneak Attack, sponsored by Virginia from MadeByHand. As normally happens, a sponsor selects some new Etsy shops to surprise sometime during the day. We always wait in anticipation to see who the ‘victims’ will be. Because of the holiday the week before, Virginia chose 5 new shops and there was lots of excitement during the day, as she gave us clues to who they would be.

With all the fun that goes on during a sneak attack – one goal is always on our minds, to help new shops and their creators get a great start in their Etsy business. Purchasing, viewing and posting about new shops are some of the many ways to introduce and support those shops. And boy did we go way beyond those goals. Quoting from one of our blog writers:

Although it wasn’t a contest to see if we could break any records, we soon saw that the sales were going through the roof as we reached 50 sales! So old stats were looked at to see if that many sales had ever been made before in one Sneak Attack and it was discovered that on 5/4/09, 69 sales were made and on 5/6/09, 72 sales were made. All of a sudden everyone wanted to beat those numbers and we did with 84 sales! This Team is fantastic! Everyone pulled together and showed these new shops a lot of love with hearts and promoting as well as the wonderful amount of sales.

Let me introduce you to those wonderful shops:

ForestBlackImages gorgeous photographs

IvyCoreenBathBody wonderful soap

OctoButton ooh buttons!

BrookeMontesArt Cute cards

TheRabbitHoleRecipes Yummy recipes

Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling! This team is super and lots of fun. Come join us!! See our handmade movement site for more information.