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5 new Etsy shops for you to see!

Yesterday’s sneak attack was sponsored by Virginia from MadeByHand. A frequent sponsor, Virginia has a way of finding just the right mix of shops – to include things like greeting cards, soap and all kinds of creations. So we certainly were not disappointed when the new ‘victims’ were revealed at 3pm. After a slew of clues, there was racing to see who would get some of the items first! We call that cart wars, and it’s so much fun.

Let me introduce you to these ‘victims’

KinkerlitzchenShop a shop from Germany featuring greeting cards, photos, buttons and more!

HorseOPeaceRanch from the US featuring handmade soap – we love handmade soap!

MrsMeadowlarks another shop for the US featuring handmade soap – so much to choose from!

2SweetBeans from the US – with homemade yummy treats!

poppyshome a shop from Finland with lots of sewn goodies!

As always our sneak attacks go on for 24 hours, so you still have plenty of time to check out and purchase from each of these shops.

Be sure to visit our Handmade Movement site for more information. And we would love to have you join us!

You can also find these shops in my pinterest board