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A Simple Calendar

Years ago, we had some friends, whose wife worked as a real estate agent. She would always send us the neatest calendar at the end of the year. It was a simple calendar in a magnetic case – it worked fine on the side of our frig and you could write on it in pencil – no shiny pages.

We really enjoyed using it to record birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appts, and such.

The friends moved away, but her agency still sent us the calendars every year. We really appreciated it – but unfortunately had no business or customers to send their way.

So the calendars stopped coming.

I found a template for Microsoft Word and printed out the calendar pages the beginning of 2012 – when we didn’t receive our customary calendar. I made my own backing for the calendar pages – using some cardboard that I cut from a box, and strong magnetic clips.

At the end of 2012 we did receive a calendar in the mail – and I thought – good I wouldn’t have to worry for another year. Only to realize that the pages were glossy and you could only write on them with a pen – yuk!

So I did some research yesterday – being completely over the current calendar and I found an on-line site where I could download a pdf file for a very simple calendar. When you print it – it prints one page for each month.


Now my ‘magnetic’ calendar is once again in a spot on the frig – I can write in pencil – and I’m happy!


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