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New Years Resolutions

Like millions of people, over the years I have made new years resolutions only to forget about them after a few days.

    Exercise more
    Eat better
    Avoid snacks
    Become more organized
    Put things away after use
    Clean up after myself
    etc, etc…..

I have no will power. Especially when it comes to eating. And I have a husband who likes to cook – brownies, cookies, candy, pies…

How can I resist – remember the no will power?

Good for me!

Bad but oh so irresistible!

The only thing that is keeping me in line, is 3 times a week, my neighbor and I enjoy going for a walk at the rec center. Those days, we try to do at least 2 miles of walking and when I get home – do some more moving around and not sit at the computer all day. We haven’t done this walking since the middle of December when we both became extremely busy getting ready for the holiday – I’m so ready to start back. No resolution, just trying to do what I enjoy.

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