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Persnickety Cat

We have 4 cats, 3 that live outside, and one inside.

Our back garage has a pet door – so the cats can get in out of the rain and snow, etc. We always keep dry food back there for them.

One of our outdoor cats is very persnickety. When I am done checking the dry food in the back garage, one of the cats wants lots of attention – don’t they all! He likes to wind around my legs – I pet him, but he doesn’t want to let up and I’m afraid he will trip me. So I walk on the grass. He stays on the sidewalk – cause he doesn’t like to get anything on his paws (that’s my guess).

Well now that we have had snow – even the sidewalk is covered – and this cat will not come out of the back garage. No way – not even to eat the canned food I put out for him near the house. Poor baby.

Here is a picture of one of the other cats – more than eager to come out! He doesn’t mind the snow at all.


Oh well…