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Speaking of Creamer…

Yesterday, I mentioned that I use International Delight Amaretto creamer.


It brought to mind something that happened a couple of weeks ago.

I always keep my new, unopened creamer containers on the back of the frig shelf. The one that is open and I am using is in the front, where I can get it conveniently.

I finished using one container, and reached to the back of the shelf for a new one. I opened the lid ready to remove the foil seal, when what do I find? The container had no foil seal. Now, had I opened it before and hubby pushed it to the back of the shelf? Or was it missing the foil seal when I bought it from the grocery store? Either way, I tossed out the contents and recycled the container.

Now I check every container at the store as I buy them.

And that brought something else to mind. When I was working outside the home, we used to get up so early to go to work, that I ate my breakfast at the office.

I had brought in a brand new container of soy milk to work one morning, and when I was ready to have breakfast, I got it out of the frig.


The Soy milk container has a plastic pull ring that seals the spout. I unscrewed the cap and there was no pull ring. I know I had not opened it as it was brand new. Was the pull ring missing when I bought it? I dumped out the milk and threw away the container.

A little while later, one of our temps asked me where my milk was, as he wanted to use a little more in his coffee. Seems he had decided to open the container and use some of my milk. Well! It would have been very nice of him to have asked first. Now I had no milk for breakfast.

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