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Yearly Password Changes

Every year, within the first few days, I change my passwords for financial institutions – like my bank and Paypal. A few years ago, a friend recommended it and I’ve taken on the task.

It was really difficult coming up with a reasonable yet hard to find password – so I did some searching and came up with a wonderful site online by pctools. Random Password Generator. Now I have a link to it on my bookmark toolbar.

This is what it looks like when you first access the site:

You can decide how many characters you want your password to be.

You can pick whether you want punctuation in the password.

There are all kinds of settings.

Once you have decided what your password will look like – you click Generate Password and viola!

You now see the password (I will NOT be using that one!) along with the Phonetic Pronunciation.

I find that this is the greatest tool! Now I just have to remember my new passwords.

My girlfriend and her hubby use Password Safe. This software is designed to house all your user ids and passwords and is accessible using a master password.

I have not tried it yet – I’m wondering if anyone has any comments about it.