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A delivery coming in and no place to put it!

A few years ago, (in 2009), we purchased a wooden building – which is situated next to the house. This little building is for all my packing supplies. I used to use a closet – no way will all this stuff fit in a closet any more.


Around the beginning of the year, I took stock of what I had on hand, and what I needed to reorder – both packing supplies and other inventory items to fill orders.

As shipments started to come in, I’d empty a box, and toss the empty box into my shed – always meaning to break down the box, and store it until I could take it to the recycle place. My recycle bin fills up so quickly – I can’t stuff any broken down boxes in there!



Yesterday, I had a number of boxes coming in on the UPS truck – with packing supplies. I went out to the shed, and shook my head – there was no way I was going to be able to store them, unless I did some serious work on the contents of my shed.

Besides being busy with packaging orders, it was also cold outside, and I wasn’t looking forward to being out in the cold trying to straighten up my shed for the shipment coming in, later in the day.

After about 1-2 hours, it was finally done and ready! And none too soon – as the UPS shipment was early.



Now, I’m organized again for awhile!

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