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An Unwelcome Visitor

Yesterday morning, I got up at the normal time- around 4:30, turned on the computer, went to make a cup of coffee, and settled in to start working.

My cat kept staring at the frame around my office door – on the hall side. He would put his paws on the frame almost as if he wanted to scratch the wood. And that’s what I thought. I got after him for doing that. Poor misunderstood cat.

On the door frame, out side of my office was a wasp!


I quickly closed my office door and waited until I heard my hubby get up – I called out to him, and he took care of that pesky wasp!  I love my bug taking care of hubby.

As if that wasn’t enough of a shock – I’m sitting here working this morning and I reach for my cup of coffee to take a sip – and what do I find? A gnat doing the back stroke!


Enough with the bugs already!