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Fresh Eggs

Being on a farm, we have raised chickens for a number of years. The number of chickens here at any one time, always depends on if we were selling eggs, or just wanted fresh ones for ourselves.

Since we are no longer selling eggs, we only had a few chickens as of last fall. At some point, chickens get too old to lay eggs any more. And that’s what we had last fall – several chickens that were ready for the stew pot.

Oh, we don’t eat them, we gave them to some neighbors that did.

Then we started buying eggs from the grocery store – yuk! What a difference in taste – and to be honest it really had been years since we had to buy commercial eggs.

So we started thinking again of getting chickens for our own eggs. But hubby decided he didn’t want to start with little chicks. Oh they are so cute – but it takes most of them 4-6 months to start laying.

What hubby did, was to purchase some chickens that are almost ready to start laying.

We got the chickens the other day – they were flown to our airport and then transported to the post office, where hubby picked them up.




We got 8 chickens and according to hubby it will be another 3-4 weeks before they start laying. But at least we won’t have to wait months! I can’t wait.