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WordPress post from ipad mini

Today’s post is being written from my iPad mini.
I’m not sure if I’m on the visual screen or HTML – the tool bar looks like the HTML screen

I have booked a flight for the end of March to visit my youngest daughter and her family, during spring break.

One of the purposes of getting the iPad mini was to be able to read email, write blog posts and in general do a number of things with it when I travel.

When I went to visit family for thanksgiving, there wasn’t much biz that I needed to handle due to the holiday. This time, it will be during reg biz days, and other than putting my biz on vacation for a few days, I will still be monitoring email and orders that need to go out before I get back from vacation.

In addition, I will be posting every day and if I don’t get good at posting from my mini – I will be way behind. So today is just brushing up on my skills on this smaller keyboard.

I still need to figure out how to save images on my mini, and copy them into my post.


This is a picture that I took with the camera on my mini and emailed to my sister – this was for thanksgiving. She wanted to know what my luggage looked like so they could pick it up for me at baggage claim. Notice the cat tail? My cat got in the picture LOL

The picture is not centered, and the app would not let me upload it in a larger size. But it’s a start.

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