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A Group Hug

Yesterday, I went out to the mall with my neighbor, we walked around a bit, bought a couple of things, and then went on to Michaels.  After looking at and buying some yarn, we decided to go out to lunch. It had been awhile since we spent time together – so it was fun.

We went to Olive Garden, a favorite of both of us, and after lunch went home.

In the afternoon, I was very sleepy -maybe I didn’t get enough protein at lunch, but for whatever the reason, I also started feeling pretty low.


I’m usually a very upbeat person, so it kind of struck me as to why I might be feeling that way. I also had a similar thing happen a few days ago, where I really felt like crying.

My family history is – bi-polar for both my Mom and her Dad. Since the instances of me feeling ‘depressed’ are few and far between, I wondered what was going on.

According to the WebMD site

Depression is a serious and pervasive mood disorder that causes feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. Depression can be mild to moderate with symptoms of apathy, little appetite, difficulty sleeping, low self-esteem, and low-grade fatigue. Or it can be major depression, with symptoms of depressed mood most of the day, diminished interest in daily activities, weight loss or gain, insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping too much), fatigue, feelings of guilt almost daily, and recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

Did you know that women are more likely to get depressed than men, and are more likely to seek help?

I mentioned my feeling low to some friends on line – and they sent me A Group Hug! Knowing that someone cares can really make a difference. Have you hugged someone today?


Sending you some hugs as well!