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This Grandma needs to be
better organized!

I am very organized when it comes to keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries on my calendar. And I always either have or buy cards, so that I can mail them in plenty of time.

This past Friday was my granddaughter’s birthday. Last weekend, when we went grocery shopping, I bought a cute little card for her, and when we got home, I put it on my address book, ready to be signed and mailed. And there it sat.

It’s not like the address book is out in full view – it’s on a shelf under the phone. Every morning, I said – this has got to be mailed so it won’t be late. And every day, I got busy with other things and forgot all about it. So unlike me :(

Our daughter emailed the other day and said she, her husband, and their daughter were going to stop in and visit today, on their way back home. They live in the western part of the state. They had all come to our area to spend the weekend with siblings and cousins and celebrate the birthday.

So along with the now, signed bd card, I had a cute little gift and a birthday cupcake for my granddaughter. My granddaughter did not mind the card being late, but I did.

Must try harder….