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A Huge Project

My website, Sandi’s T’s, has undergone many changes over the years.

After looking at lots of sites to see how their websites were designed, I figured the design as well as the content on the pages were important.

So I plunged in and took an SEO class from Cricket – I still have my notes and refer to them. This was in 2008!

I now have someone who writes my content, keywords and acts as a sounding board. Thanks Linda! I also have Glennette tweaking my SEO. Thanks Glennette! I can’t do it all. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way – it’s ok to have people help you.

One of the major things I worked on – as far as presentation on my website, was a way to have product pictures zoom in. I tried several methods and was never satisfied. I guess I was trying to reduce the number of clicks a customer had to do – to see a larger picture. What I settled on was a zoom in process that uses css and even allows for a caption.

If you look at this page – http://blog.sandists.com/buyproduct/harold-feinstein-flower-handbags.shtml, you will see, you only have to place your mouse over a picture for it to expand and the pictures also have a caption. This page has all the items in this category on the page.

Last year, in May or June, a friend of mine started something that I had always wanted to do. Create a separate page for each product – rather than 1 page for a group of products in the same category. Thanks Angela!

Remembering Cricket’s class – the more pages you have a customer come into your site on the better – as long as they are optimized.

Well, if my main page is optimized and I create a product page for each item in that category, and use, with some alterations, similar SEO content, not only will the main page be a viable landing page, but each separate product page will be as well. And – the important part – I can supply a larger image and more detail about that individual product that I couldn’t on the main page.

And example is: http://blog.sandists.com/spiral-bound-address-book.shtml This is my address book line – and each picture takes you to a separate page with an enlarged image and added information.

Not only is it better for my SEO but I also find it’s less cluttered – IMO. Of course the ultimate goal is to have the customer satisfied!

I think I’m about 3/4 done – I knew when I started this project it would take a long time – but I’m not rushing – I want to do it right.

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