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An updated picture

The other day when I went out with my girlfriend, I picked up a couple of items from Dillards from the cosmetic counter. A gel that is supposed to help with the puffiness under my eyes and a concealer to hide the dark bags. I don’t know if they are going to make any difference, but in my opinion the puffiness and bags make me look a whole lot older than I am. It also makes me look tired all the time and I’m not.

I think it will take a long time for the gel to work it’s magic – but I hope that the bags will disappear (at least most of it).

I’ve also decided to start letting my hair grow again, instead of keeping it really short. I’m even growing bangs again – I’ve had them for years and really like that they hide some of my high forehead.

So tell me what you think? And please be aware that I had to take the picture myself LOL.