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laser treatment

I recently had an eye appointment with my regular ophthalmologist who I have been seeing since 1980. After having cataract surgery almost 2 years ago, I was warned that I might need to go back in and have some additional treatment done. As expected, my sight, while still good, has deteriorated since the cataract surgery – as there was now what I think of as a film on the back of each lens, clouding my vision.

Clouding of sight after surgery

Within a few months, sometimes years, following the cataract operation people can start to have difficulties with their vision again.

Sight can become blurred or people can have problems with bright lights and glare. It is almost as though the cataract is coming back. However this is not a re-growth of the cataract but is due to a thickening of the back of the lens capsule. Medically this is known as posterior lens capsule opacification.

You can read more about posterior lens capsule opacification.

So yesterday, I went in for the laser treatment on my right eye. In 3 weeks I’ll have the left eye done.

The process is very different. Instead of the hospital, this is done in the office.

Several drops are put in my right eye – to dilate, numb and reduce the pressure.

And then, you have to place your head on the headrest of the laser machine to help keep your eye still.

My eye was very dry all afternoon and very sore before I went to bed. A Tylenol helped.

Since yesterday’s procedure, I’ve had floaters. And most of them are black – makes me think that I have gnats flying around my head!!!!

At least the pain is gone and my sight is getting better. What really is nice is that when I’m typing the letters look nice and dark – not the light gray that I’ve been noticing.