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Saturday Morning Grocery Shopping

I already had a blog post ready to go for today, and then something happened this morning – that I wanted to write about.

Whenever we go grocery shopping – we always go early in the morning. Less crowds and easier to find a parking space.

We have a variety of stores we go to and when we arrived at one of them this morning, and came up with our basket full of stuff – there was only 1 register open, and already 3 people in front of us. The first one in line was unloading a full cart. And the poor cashier – you could tell he was overwhelmed. With so much groceries and so many customers – he was struggling to get everything checked out.


I can imagine that this was a new job for him, and he was extra cautious in scanning the products. Plus he probably wasn’t used to having to check out and bag at the same time.

A new job can always be stressful. It can make you make mistakes, or take a lot more time to do the job – so you don’t make mistakes.

I hope that he sticks with it – I’m sure it will get better and easier. Don’t give up.

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