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A dud

Back in June I mentioned that we replaced our french fry cooker – we had an enclosed one for quite awhile and after noticing that it was leaking oil – we got rid of it, and ordered another.


I have to tell you – I am so disgusted with the new one.

First of all – all it seems to do is steam the food instead of frying it – must not get as hot as it’s supposed to.

And if I thought the old one leaked oil – boy was I sadly mistaken – as oil just oozed out of this new fryer and if I didn’t catch it – it would have dripped onto the cabinets and the floor.

To say I’m upset is an understatement.

A friend asked me if I was going to return it as defective. Well, I got it on sale, with free shipping – so it would probably cost me more to ship it back than I would get as a credit. Not gonna do it!

So it’s back to a fry baby for us – it’s messy but hopefully it will cook fries and other food quickly.


What ever happened to quality work. Oh wait – it was made in China – what was I thinking?

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