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A product organized

I carry fabric paperback book covers on my website. I also have them listed on Amazon and EBAY. I currently have over 100 book covers in different patterns. I had ordered them in 2’s and 3’s to have on hand when a customer ordered.

Up until this morning – I had them laying in two large laundry baskets – please forgive my not taking a before picture. But you get the idea.


I love the organizing containers that Wal-Mart carries by Sterilite. I use the 24 qt and the 12.7 qt sizes for a variety of products that I have on hand. And it seems like I’m always getting more – to re-organize things.



After doing a bit of organizing – I found that I had 6 of the 12.7 qt containers available for use. So I decided to organize the book covers – to make them easier to find. I organized them by name – from A to Z – and now when someone orders a book cover – I know exactly which container to look in. Plus I got the laundry baskets up off the floor – and have given myself some walking room in the closet.


What’s next????

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