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Well, this has been an interesting day. I spent all morning getting my packages ready.

Last nite I had put in a request for pick up of my packages. It really is only to give the post office a count of how many priority mail packages I had going out today. Sept – not sure if it’s the whole month or not – but my mail carrier gets the count for his account.

Most of the packages that I mail out are first class mail – and those don’t count for the mail carrier. But I do my part 😀

So knowing that this was the day after a long holiday weekend, I knew that the mail carrier would be late – I figured if he didn’t show up by 3:30 or so, I’d have to drive to the post office. After all – they were all labeled for today. But he did get here in time.

Relaxation was the name of the game for this afternoon after the packages were done – so I sat and did some crocheting. And then it was time to make supper.

OK – I watched my hubby sharpen the kitchen knives…. and then what did I do? Try to cut some stuff against my thumb. Dumb!! I felt the cut – but didn’t see any blood (yuk!) until I started using the knife again against a cutting board.

Did I ever tell you that I’m a klutz? Do you know how hard it is to type or do anything w/o using your thumb – and yes, it is my right thumb and I’m right handed. And I always bleed a lot!

So I guess crocheting is out for tonite!!

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