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Where is my desk!

I’ve been so busy, that things have started piling up on my desk – vendor invoices, notes, cards, you name it!

IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5222

If it wasn’t for the fact that my laptop is in the center – and I always leave it open – that too would probably be covered :(

So I was determined, that this had to end – at least for this month. I also had a large mouse pad coming – and there would be no way to find room for it.

Viola – here’s my desk!! And I closed the laptop so the glare of the screen wouldn’t cause a problem when I took a picture. The large blue thing on the right is my new mouse pad!


The cable on the left leading to my computer is the LONG cable to my printer that is hard wired. I have no play in the length – so there it sits. If I could route it around my label printer – I would be much happier. But at least now I can see my desk, and work at tasks that are then put away when completed.

Oh, and closing the lid of the laptop – I found lots of dust back behind it – so got out my trusty swiffer!

I’m sure that my desk will look like this for at least another 24 hours!!!!